Online therapy

"Online therapy is just as effective as in-person sessions."


There is a difference between an online session and the traditional in person one, we won't shake our hands, I won't offer you any refreshments, but in the most important aspect - in their effectivity, they are the same.


No matter if you are at your home, weekend house or office, we meet through one of the applications and start working together on any theme that brought you here.


It is no longer necessary to choose a psychologist based on the distance of their practice from where you live or work. Online you can choose the therapist that really suits you.

How to prepare for an online session

One of the key things is to make sure that you are in a quite and comfortable place from which you log in to our session. Make sure that you won't be disturbed. Prepare yourself a cup of favourite non-alcoholic drink and have ready a piece of paper and a pen to make notes.

Are you moving abroad? Are you movement limited?

Online therapy has opened new opportunities how to continuously work on the growth, get help and support in difficult situations, to find lost balance, enhance your resilience or work on any other theme, that is bringing you to me. After booking an online session you will receive an invitation including a link through which the session can be entered.

Mgr. Lada Kyzlinková, MBA -psychologist

Necessary for successful online session

Please check the quaility of your Internet connection. If you find that the wi-fi is not stable enough, please  use an alternative (e.g. data in your smart phone).

Before the start of our session please make sure that your camera and microphone are working.  

Before our session starts please make sure you have installed the app through which we have agreed to meet online.