Booking a session with a trained psychologist and a CBT therapist in Czech or English

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Individual session, 50 minutes: 1200,- CZK
Group session: depending on group size
Workshops and lectures: please contact me 

Sessions are not covered by health insurance. Payment methods: by cash or via bank transfer.

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Advantages of direct payment

There are several advantages with direct payment arrangement, for example shorter booking times, more flexibility in time slots (e.g. early morning or late afternoon hours) and last but not least the sessions are also more discreet (no information is shared with health insurance provider).

A minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required for rescheduling or cancelling an appointment. I appreciate more than 48-hour notice, as I can then make that time available to other clients. When cancelling an appointment later then 48 hours before a cancellation fee of one full appointment fee will be applied.

Advantages of online sessions

It doesn’t matter  where you are geographically located or whether or not you can attend a session personally. Online therapy is as affective as in person sessions. 

Online sessions are often preferred by people who:

-are pressed for time
-live in more remote areas and commuting is complicated
-are in quarantine
-have a temporary or permanent handicap

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