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Psychological counselling and diagnostics - CBT Therapy

Psychological counselling and diagnostics - CBT therapy - Individual sessions, workshops

          There have been times when some of us may have felt as if our world collapsed, as if the little light at the end of the tunnel disappeared and our only companions were concerns about how we can continue, about what will happen next. Those who managed overcome their fear and started the journey to find their lost light, may have discovered unforseen depth and healing power within them. There are times when we can walk the journey on our own and sometimes can be helpful to have a companion, a companion who supports us, who belives in us and who will stay with us no matter how uneasy the terrain we need to pass may be. If you are ready to make the first step and are looking for a companion, I will be honoured to accompany you on your journey.
“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.” Søren Kierkegaard
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Individual sessions

Group sessions


The psychologist’s attention and support is fully focused on one client, his feelings, emotions and understanding of the world around. Individual sessions are very intense and complex. The number of sessions always depend on the nature of issues that client brings to therapy. 

The group usually consists of six to ten members and one or two psychologists. Regularly listening and talking to others help clients to view their issues from a different perspective. Seeing as other members handle their problems and how they progress in life provides a great source of inspiration and motivation to make changes.

Workshops’ themes and activities are always taylored to match the requirements and needs of a specific audience. They are often part of organizational teambuilding activities and trainings. The most popular workshops are focused on effective team communication, creative thinking,  strategies for coping with stress etc. 

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." Arthur Ashe

In my work I always strive to view clients and their difficulties in a complex way, with all their multidimensional contexts. In order to help with different types of issues I use a variety of techniques and approaches, mainly cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), transactional analysis (TA) or existential psychology. I primarily work with adult clients individually or in groups. 

I offer sessions in both Czech and English language, in person or online.

Advantages of online (video) sessions:

It doesn’t matter  where you are geographically located or whether or not you can attend a session personally. Having a smart phone is enough and we can meet online. 

Online sessions are often preferred by people who:

-are pressed for time
-live in more remote areas and commuting is complicated
-are in quarantine
-have a temporary or permanent handicap

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Methods and approaches in more detail

What Is CBT?
Cognitive behavioral therapy is structured and focuses on specific problems the client is bringing. The therapeutic process is designed to achieve goals that are based on carefully defined problems. Clients are learning how to understand their problems and are actively working with different methods and techniques to be able to use them independently after the therapy is finished.  

What is TA?
Transactional analysis is a method that studies interactions between individuals, ego states that lie behind every interaction and patterns of behaviour.

Existential psycholog
Among the main topics of existential psychology belong existential isolation, the finitness of our existence, its sense and awakening experiences related to it.

Topics I often work with:
difficult life situations, anxiety, fobias, dissatisfaction in life, building resilience, coping with stress, effective communication, assertiveness, interpersonal and career issues